How to Get Rid of Squirrels In The Attic, Walls and Garden

Squirrels are intelligent little creatures that have a well-developed mind to overcome very technical obstacles. Like finding a way around a house, unlocking small doors with practice, climbing trees and finding ways around fastest routes, etc. are a small feat for squirrels. But these squirrels can become a very annoying problem at times. Some of the remedial technique is mentioned in this article, and they are as follows:

Cleaning the garden

Squirrels love eating nuts, or any other eatables that fall from the tree into the garden. They would rush down their homes and grab the tasty treat and rush back up to enjoy eating it. One good trick to “how to get rid of squirrels in the garden” is to keep the garden clean and make sure no nuts are on the ground. Sweep the garden floor regularly and keep the trash sealed in a trash can.

Birdfeeder food safety

Many people love to install a bird feeder in their garden and look at the cute little birds feed on the food that is stored in the bird feeder. Little do these people know that the bird feeder is an excellent spot for the squirrels to feed? The squirrels are expert climbers and climbing a pole is no big deal for a squirrel. Attaching a squirrel guard to the bird feeder keeps the squirrel away from the feeder.

Traps to Kill

Some people are fed up of squirrels to such an extent that they take matters very seriously. For such people, using traps to kill the squirrels seems to be the best way to solve the problem. Installation of some traps in the garden area is an effective strategy, setting it after hibernation is a better idea. Food is not abundant during that time, and the little hungry creatures fall for the bait easily.

Live Traps

Live traps are traps that catch the squirrels alive without chance of killing them. Once the squirrels are caught, a person can drop them someone way from home or simply drop them in an animal care centre. The centre can relocate the squirrels somewhere safe and in a suitable habitat.

Use animal scent

Using animal scent works great to scare away the pests from the garden and near your home. Buy some scented squirrel repellent from the market. There repellent contain animal scents or many times urines (animals mark territory with urine). Usually fox or bobcat urine is added to repellent for squirrels.


Ever wondered how to get rid of squirrels from the trees? Well, one solution is to leave poison in food to lure out the squirrels and kill them. Squirrels have a greedy appetite, and when a poison is mixed with the food, it’s hard for them to avoid it.

Consulting professionals

When dealing with squirrels in the walls of your house. People would become very frustrated as to how to remove or get rid of squirrels from the walls. In such a case, a very simple solution would be to consult professionals who are experts to handle animals and extract them without hard using equipment.

Clean the attic

One good way to get rid of squirrels in the attic is to clean any remains of food that may have been carried by them. And avoid storing food in the attic even if it is sealed in boxes. Believe me or not, they will tear open the packing and try to eat the food if they detect a smell in the attic. And once they do, they will make their home in the attic.

Sealing entry points to the attic

The entry point to the attic needs to be sealed, and the doors need to be shut tight. Squirrels might crawl from under the door or from any holes that are present in the wall. It is always wise to check for any holes that can be easily sealed using Plaster of Paris or wooden planks.

Trimming trees

A good idea is to trim the branches of the trees to avoid the squirrels using the branches to their advantage. Make sure that the branches of the trees are away from your home roof and windows. Squirrels are acrobatic creatures that can jump a long distance from a branch of a tree. And they can access the roof area this way into the house easily.

Using mesh netting

If you have a beautiful garden with fruits and vegetables, then be sure to handle a squirrel invasion into your garden. Squirrel loves fruits and vegetables, especially the one fresh in the garden. To avoid squirrels from ruining the garden, use mesh netting to keep the squirrels away from the precious field.

Making a home for squirrels

To keep the squirrel controlled to a certain area, some people think that it is wise to make a proper home for the squirrels and keep their food in that home every day. This way the squirrels come to their man-made home to eat food instead of running around the whole place and causing trouble.

Fixing electric fence

One of the last resorts is to fix an electrical fence around the garden to keep the squirrels away. And some electrical fences give such a high voltage that they kill the squirrel on the spot. But this can be dangerous when kids are around. Kids can touch the fence while they play without the supervision of the parents.

Motion activated sprinkler

Using a motion activated sprinkler in the garden is a good idea to keep the squirrels on the run. When they get too close to the sprinkler, then it starts to spray water. This scares the squirrels and away from the garden.

Strobe lights

Using a strobe light to irritate the squirrel in the attic might be an effective technique when all else seems to fail. When cornered, squirrels seem to attach out of instinct. So using a strobe light is a safe technique.