How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Scorpions are poisonous insects that like to hunt down food with their pincers that nib and tear the prey. They use their poison to sting their enemies and to immobilize them, the victim dies in the process. Few people know that people that make homes in areas of scorpions are mostly infested with scorpions in their houses. People often fall victim to scorpion stings due to lack of knowledge of the lifestyle of scorpions. Many scorpions have very potent dose of poison that can kill people in a matter of minutes. To get rid of scorpions from your home some of the tricks you can use are as follows:

Keep area dry

Scorpions love moist places, and they like to borrow or make home in such places. Keep areas moist, or water leakage in the garden or yard area would be an open invitation for scorpions to come. Keep areas inside the home and around the home dry to keep scorpions away from your home.

Seal your home

Seal off any holes or opening through which the scorpions can crawl into your home. Also, use wire gauze or plaster of Paris to seal holes/cracks in walls. This will reduce the risk of scorpions coming inside your home.

Eliminate hiding places

During the day, scorpions love to hide in the shade and wait for night to come out to prey on other insects. A good method to reduce scorpion infestation is that you should reduce the number of places where they can hide. Remove any wood piles in the yard, garden area, etc. Place cardboard boxes on high shelves or racks. Do not pile up stuff on the floor in open areas for a long time.

Scorpion predators

Some people might think of a cat as a cute and furry friend, but believe it or not they are excellent predators when it comes to hunting. Cats are one of the most effective means of killing a scorpion. Not all cats are good at this, but the ones that are active and love hunting is good predators.


Spraying insecticides in places that you suspect are home to scorpions can be an intelligent choice. Insecticides are made to carry potent chemicals that act as poisons against scorpions. Spraying in places where scorpions have made home can kill multiple scorpions in one try.

Call in professionals

Calling and taking consultation of professionals is a wise choice. Sometimes people are too scared to take matters into their hands. Instead of getting stung out of fear it’s better to call in professionals who can handle the situation with more expertise and eradicate the scorpion problem.

Reduce scorpion food

Reducing the chance of food source for scorpion can compel the scorpions to move to places where it is easy to find food easily. Fix the leaking pipes and taps that can leak water to cause moist favoring conditions for scorpions. Reduce the insects around your home. Having some chickens can reduce the bugs as chickens love to eat bugs and worms in the yard/garden area.

Getting rid of small plants

Scorpions love to hide in small plants or bushes. Constant weeding and cutting the shrubs would lower the chance of a scorpion infestation greatly. Make sure you trim or uproot the scrub or small plants that you don’t need. Before uprooting plants manually take a stick and poke the area multiple times to confirm that there is no scorpion hiding in it.

Using granules

When you want to keep the scorpions away from your home than using granules is the best option. Scatter granules around your house in 2-5 feet width. Also spreading granules in areas that are damp and if you have rivers or streams near your house then placing some near that area is also helpful.

Using a blacklight

The strange but effective method is using a black light that you can buy from any supermarket or Amazon. The black light makes them glow like neon bulbs dancing in the dark. Once you have spotted them, then you can catch and leave them in their natural habitat away from your home.

Smack em dead!

If you don’t like scorpions, then you can just kill them. That way you can make sure that they can never crawl into your home. One less scorpion is one less thing to worry about and one less chance of an invasion in your home. Although, avoid hitting the scorpion with a short range weapon. The scorpion might cling to the object and toss back at you when you pull back the object. It is always advised to use a heavy and long weapon such as a broom or baseball, bat, etc. to kill a scorpion.

Go out to hunt at night

Want to have an adventure? Grab a light, preferably a black light and also a flashlight and go on a routine scouting around your home. People would like duck hunt, deer hunt, and then why not try scorpion hunt to keep your home and family safe? It is an interesting way to reduce the scorpion population in your area easily.

Using traps

Using a mouse trap or fly paper can trap scorpions so that you can then kill them. These traps are not for the light heated people. Often you will find squashed scorpions or some in pretty bad shape, thus killing them would be the best option at that time. For the fly paper technique, if you catch some on them, then use a thick hard glove to pluck them off the paper and then release them into the area away from home.

Scented plants

Planting a boundary like a defensive wall around your home of the scented plants would be a good idea. The scorpions taste the atmosphere of their surroundings to find prey since they don’t have noses. So scented plants would irritate them when they taste, and this keeps them away from home.

Lavender extracts

If you don’t have a lavender plant or a section of the plant, then you can suffice with lavender extracts. The extracts can be applied to areas where the scorpions often visit. Places such as store rooms, corridors, under the bed, cupboards, cabinets, drains, parking area, yard, and garden, etc. have a high chance of scorpions hiding in them.