How to Get Rid of Rust

Metal is used almost in everything, be it kitchen appliances, vehicles, technological stuff (computers, laptops, Tablets, Cell phones, etc.) and even tools. The problem arises when the metal objects start to get rusty over time and people get annoyed at the damage rust can do to their precious belonging. Especially things in the kitchen, vehicles and tools that people used are under constant threat of rust. So how do we get rid of rust so fast and how do we know the effective methods to get rid of rust from our things? Some of the common solutions to the rust problem are mentioned below:

Baking Soda and Water

Sprinkle some baking soda directly on the rusted area and then take a spare toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush in water and use it to scrub the area thoroughly. Repeat the process till the rust is gone.

Vinegar Soak

Vinegar Soak is a very clever idea to remove rust from the small little things that can be soaked overnight such as tools and small utensils. Add some vinegar to a container and then soak the items in the water for overnight. This technique does not require scrubbing the items.

Salt and Lime

Put some salt on the area where there is rust and then squeeze a lime to soak the whole area where there is rust. Let the area be soaked for about 2-3 hours and then use a scrub to wipe the area. In the event that you don’t have lime accessible, and then you can utilize lemon as a substitute.

Potato and Dish Soap

Reduced a potato down the middle and apply dish cleaner at the end of the potato. Then place the potato on the rusted area and leave for some time. This way the potato allows the dish soap to react with the rusted area. Reapply if needed by cutting the used side of the potato.

Use Oxalic Acid

Use protective gear like clothing, goggles, and gloves to be safe from the chemical reactions.

  • Rinse the rusted thing with cleaning up fluid flush and painstakingly dry.
  • Mix up around 25ml (a teaspoon is 5ml) of an oxalic corrosive with 250ml of warm water.
  • Immerse the thing for approx 20 minutes or clean down the thing with a material or metal brush.
  • Wash completely and dry the thing when rust evacuation

Using Wax

Take a fine brass or steel wool pad and rub the spokes of the bike with it by pinching the pad on it and moving it up and down. Once you have scrubbed the spokes thoroughly, then apply wax on the spokes and rub the excess to maintain rust free spokes.

Using coca cola

One great remedy for rust problems is coca cola that contains phosphoric acid. This acid is good for removing rust easily. Simply pour coca cola on the rusted spot and rub it with a sponge or thick rough cloth to remove the rust.

Use Molasses

Molasses is a very helpful solution to remove the rust from any rusted object; it comes handy, especially when removing rust from gardening tools. Take a bucket; pour water and molasses in it. Keep the ratio 12:1, 12 parts water, and 1 part molasses. Dip the tools into the bucket and leave them there till you feel the rust has dissolved into the solution. Remove the tools and then rinse and dry.

Coke and Tomato Sauce

Rub the rusted area on the metal with coke and tomato sauce and let it sit for 3-4 minutes and afterward wash it clean with water and dry. A lot of people have reported this home remedy to work, and it’s worth the try.

White Vinegar and Flour

This method is highly effective against brass metal. Take a cup full of white vinegar and add one tsp of salt. Adding the flour to the solution, form a paste like mixture. Marinate the brass metal with the paste and let it sit for about ½ hour. Using a clean cloth wipe the metal surfaces. After rubbing, rinse it with water and dry it with a towel. Keep repeating the process till the metal is shiny and clean.

Remove rust from cloth using salt and lemon juice

Stains on clothing are very hard to remove, but rust stains are even harder to get rid of. There is a technique that involves using items that are common at home to remove rust stains from clothing. Take some salt and lemon. Add the lemon juice to the salt in such quantity that the salt holds the juice and there is no excess juice oozing from the salt. Then apply an even coat to the cloth area where the stain is. Leave the cloth in the sunlight for about 30-60 minutes, and you will notice later that the stain is gone. For a stain that doesn’t go easily you can repeat the process.

Using vinegar and cotton balls

Dip cotton ball in vinegar and the start patting it stained area with it. You will notice that the stain starts to transfer to the cotton ball. In the event, that the stain is extensive or has a great deal of rusts adhering to it, then it will take numerous times to remove it. Once the stain is light enough you can rinse the clothing, and the stain will most likely be gone.

Hot vinegar

When removing rust from car parts a very cheap solution is that the parts need to be dipped in hot vinegar for some time. The hot vinegar will remove the rush from the car parts easily; then you can rinse the parts with water or kerosene oil as preferred. Do make sure that this process should be done outside the house in an open area. The hot vinegar would give a very pungent smell that can cause nasal irritation.

Removing Rust from the bike

Take a brush to clean the chain and other parts of the bike, removing all the dust and excess particles from the surface. Then take a lime and squeeze it on a plastic or steel scouring pad. Scrub out the rust spots from the chain and other areas of the bike. To remove rust from the chain, you need to soak the chain in a container filled with lime juice for about 60 minutes. Remove the chain and then rinse and wipe it. You can also use lime to scrub the areas of the bike like frame, flappers, handlebars, etc. to remove the rust.

Potato and baking soda

Cut a potato and then put it in baking soda, and then rub the parts of the surface of the car where the rust is to remove the rust from the car. If you have pots or utensils in the house, then you can try this trick on them to remove rust.