How to Get Rid of Milia

White Lies

The growth of milia among adults is a displeasing thing. Many have thought that the milia would just go away on their own. That is the very reason why many are not taking these seriously. Even with the safe implications of the milk spots, as they are often called, these are still cysts. Yes, the milia are keratin-filled cysts and they are distractive. Destructive? Not so much. They are not nice to look at so that you can mistake them with white heads. The milia grow almost anywhere in the body. By every sense of the word, these are skin diseases nevertheless. The act of getting rid of milia simply means a serious cost and a tedious search of not-just-any-kind of derma specialist called esthetician. One can learn from about the said skin condition.

The Milia Specialist

An esthetician dedicates its work towards perfecting the art of skin management. There are program protocols that the estheticians follow. Although each specialist may assist you at all times in making a decision of milia removal, they shall not often jump on to instant surgery. In fact, some estheticians recommend herbal application per se. This simple act of kindness of offering alternative solutions for how to remove milia at home may just save you off the expenses.

Noting the Difference

Milia can and have appeared during the first few week-old infants. They appear as tender white spots on either the eyelids, upper palate portion inside the mouth, arms, on the surface surrounding the nose, etc. But this is a natural thing among infants due to the excessive amount of keratin oil bombarded on the growing skin of the infants. Furthermore, the pores contain all the faster nutrients in the form of keratin oil, which happen to be highly abundant in the womb as it prepares the child for growth. The difference between an adult’s milia from an infant’s milia is determined by size.

There are often times wherein milia condition forces the individual to revisit particular dermatological recommendations about the treatment for milia. The natural force that works underneath a group of cysts, as the milia are known embarks for a skin-entrenching process. So, you are right to be alarmed. Meanwhile, as milia are growing among adults’ skin, there can be particular risks. Although the risks may not be that life-threatening, the milia are still worth your attention. Since the milia are often referred to with a primary or secondary formation, you may refer its treatment based on its formation degree.

What are the risks?

Not so much of a threat, but the milia cysts are nevertheless distractive. If you will not finally decide on the milia treatment, here are the possibles mild risks:

  • Blocked skin towards becoming dead skin
  • Uncredited hair follicle
  • Excessive entrapment of oil in the keratin-filled sacs
  • Red Bumps and other bacterial infection

As you can see, even with its already crystal status, a milium can, although on very rare occasions, threat the adult with infections. Cysts are the most favorite hot spots for bacteria. Now, the catch here is that the bacteria can sufficiently penetrate on wounded areas of the cysts. So, if you are in the act of removing the milia, remove them all the way. There is no halfway to them.

Inside the Milium

There are particular skin issues wherein bumps may grow on the untoward surface of a milium. This can be very painful. Here is the best time for you to look for a medical assistance. The derma category for this kind of removal may involve total surgery through laser. Laser removal may cost quite an amount. The specifications of the laser removal process discriminate a few good sums of treatments and therapies. If you total all the costs you will be spending for the duration of the therapy, it will not amount to less than $ 10,000.00 USD.

The indominative selection of pre and post-removal therapy prioritizes the skin to gentle adjustment to save it from stress or trauma. Trauma is a common phenomenon during even the shortest and mildest surgeries. This is one very good reason why therapies are required. As part of the therapy, you are required to constantly visit your derma in the next three-four weeks. Painstaking as it may seem, but you will have to bear with if for a short time. Depending on the percentage of skin removed during the surgery, you may have several appointments with the derma specialists in the future.

The onset of the milia growth can interestingly be facilitated by puberty. During puberty, the hormones come crashing into a dramatic change. All and out, you deserve to deal with these skin issues in order for you to have normal skin, especially on the face. There are a lot of things you can do about it. For mild milia growth, you can apply lemon juice. However, you will have to do it in a constant manner. Now, that is only for the mild milia cysts. For the ones that have hardened through the years, laser removal may have to be the only solution.

Laser Removal and Therapies

Laser removal comes in various intensities and duration. One important point of the laser removal process involves an inter-epidermal concentrated lash. Such process consolidates a good temporal penetration on the skin. Laser removal constantly requires therapy for it does not heal overtime. Some quantifications of the laser removal process almost sources out a good chap in the skin area where the milia have had penetrated very well.


Customary responses to dermatological issues are deemed necessary motions in the not-so-later crystal dealing. Although each specialist may assist you at all times in making a decision of getting rid of the milia, they shall not often jump on to instant surgery. In fact, some estheticians recommend herbal application per se. This simple act of kindness of offering alternative solutions for removing milia may just save you off the expenses. Estheticians and other derma experts are right to get on track at times when pushing comes to shove. Being in the spot suggests a certain mood of vigor in treating skin diseases of this type. So, what are you waiting for? Deal with the milia now.  For comments and suggestions, please feel free to fill out the space below.

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