How to Get Rid of Migraine

Commonly known as a neurological disease, it is not your common headache, in a word, it is more like severe headaches that come and go unpredictably. It is typically associated with the ANS or the autonomic neurologic system.

If you are suffering from migraines attacks you might be curious why it only affects half of the head with its pulsating pain in nature and it may last for up to 2 hours and worse, some suffer up to 72 hours. Some may suffer nausea, vomits at times and you have a severe sensitivity to light sounds and smells. The pain may even get worse when you have a physical activity.

There are different causes of migraines, studies show that it might be a mix of environmental and genetic factors and 2/3 of the cases mostly run in the family. Another factor may also be the changing of hormones, and migraines affect more boys than girls before the age of puberty. The risk of migraines then decreases during pregnancy.

What causes migraines

Studies show that genetics plays an important role for migraine causes.  About 34 percent to 51 percent are genetic influence in the development of migraines. There are specific variants in the gene that relatively increase the risk by a small to a relatively moderate amounts. Generally, the underlying reason to what causes a migraine is still unknown.

As mentioned in the latter statement, it may be caused by a mix of environmental and genetic factors. Once it was believed that migraines are common to those that are highly intelligent, but this is actually untrue. There are also a number of such conditions that are believed to have caused a migraine attack, which are depressions, common anxieties, and bipolar disorders, these are actually commonly called triggers as well.

With regard to the physical causes of migraine, it is also believed that stress, hunger, and recurrent fatigues may contribute to its occurrence, that will actually lead to tension headaches. One of the most common is actually psychological stress. PTST or commonly known as post-traumatic stress disorders is also known to be a trigger of the disorder.

Dietary aspect is also one of the many causes of migraines. About 12 to 60 percent of people who have experienced having migraines actually turn to food as one of their triggers. Evidence are found that food is one of the many causes of migraines is actually only supported by self-reports. Specific agents in food that cause migraines actually show evidence though, such as MSG or monosodium glutamate that has an effect in tyramine on migraines attacks.

Fast Migraine Relief

If you want fast migraine relief, analgesics is the fastest option that is available in the market, but chronic use of analgesics or commonly known as pain relievers can also rebound back yo your body especially your kidneys. Common analgesics that can help acutely get rid of the migraine for a few hours is ibuprofen and paracetamol which are all also known as acetaminophen. An antiemetic if you vomit. If the common pain receives does not work much for fast migraine relief, choose specific agents such as triptan and ergotamine.

Getting rid of migraine completely will only be possible if you are able to control the triggers and as much as possible get away with the things that might cause a migraine.  There are several ways of getting rid of migraines that does not involve the use of over the counter medications and might actually help you even  in preventing it from ever occurring.

The exact mechanism of how the pain starts in a migraine attack is really unknown.Here are some of the ways on how to prevent migraine attacks before it happens to you:


There is no other person who knows the triggers on migraine attacks than the person with migraines. IT is very important that you know your disease so well that you might actually control the things that might trigger it from happening in the first place. If stress triggers your migraine, it is important that you have to take control of your emotions and take control of the possible stressors that is around you. An attack is not necessarily unpredictable if you already know how it affects you and what are the reasons why is has been recurring over and over again. Know your disease and control the things around you that might trigger it. This is one of the most effective ways in prevention.

Healthier Lifestyle

If you know that you are dealing with an almost unpredictable painful disease, you should have already made a decision to go for anything that is healthy so your body can withstand the attack and handle itself at the same time. Our body is even close to magical, if you know how to take care of it, it will take care of itself. Have a relaxing time and take a break sometimes so you can refuel and stay entered.

There are also certain activities that you can engage in so you can have more than relief over migraines, but also can actually effectively cure migraine attacks such as yoga and many more. Do not engage yourself with things that might pose more stress to you like heavy exercises, not getting enough sleep, over partying and listening to loud music. the more relaxed and centered you are, the lesser is the tendency of the disease to come back and hit you again.

Acupuncture and More

Acupuncture is one of the known ways in relieving migraine attacks. It is a practice where the needles are place randomly in the body for many reasons but mostly for pain relief. This method might pose more efficacy that normal routine care is done to a migraine attack. Other practices such as Chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapy also has a great effect in relief over migraines. Massage and relaxation practices are also great pain relievers that tend to increase blood flow in the brain and relieving pain. Behavioral therapies with the help of a professional are also very helpful.

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