How to Get Rid of Mice

Use a Mouse-Trap

Using a mouse trap is one of the most common tricks that people use to get rid of mice at home. The trap catches the mice if they are big in size and traps them. Mostly, if the neck catches the mice, the trap instantly kills the mice by snapping their necks. But one thing needs to be kept in mind that the trap needs to be set properly in order to one shot kill a mouse. Traps not set properly would not kill the mouse, but wound it and keep it trapped.

Using Mice Poison

Adding some mice’s poison in the eatables and putting them in places that the mice usually visit is a good idea to kill the mice. The mouse ingests the poison and dies a slow death. Eatable such as bread, cheese and biscuits are good choice to add poison. Mice are gluttonous when it comes to eating food. Whatever smells nice, they want to eat it to quench their hunger and dietary needs.

Adopt a Pet Cat

Cats are feline rivals of the mice, and they hunt mice very effectively. The cats can sense and smell the presence of the mice running around. They chase the mice hunt them and kill them. Keeping a cat as a pet also keeps the mice scared from your house. Cats are best predators when it comes to catching mice. They spot the mice even where humans fail to predict the mice are hidden. The strong sense of smell keeps the cat following the mice similar as a magnet follows iron metal.

Peppermint Oil

Using peppermint oil is a good prevention measure for mice entering the house. Buy peppermint oil at any health food store. Dip cotton balls in peppermint oil. And place them at the locations that you think are frequently visiting spots for the mice. Also, keep in mind to place the balls near the doors and drainage holes, the odor from the balls with keeping the mice away from your house.

Using Mothballs

Using Mothballs is usually 65% successful as a mouse repellent. But using this method is dangerous as the mothballs are toxic materials and can cause health problems for pets and humans. Do not use mothballs if there are kids at home who can pick and eat a mothball. Eating a mothball can cause serious illness and lead to death eventually.

Use Steel wool

One of the best ways to get rid of the mouse in your home is to block the areas where they enter your home. Use steel wools to block any opening in the house, and if you have any holes for drainage, then you can use steel wool to block the openings. Any spaces can also be blocked using the same method. Mice are good at chewing stuff, but they can barely chew metal object, especially when this kind of steel wool can wound their mouth. They would avoid chewing this and just try to find another entrance that is an easy one.

Apply Plaster of Paris

To block any spaces beside the doors or any large cracks, the use of plaster of Paris comes in handy. Mice have flexible bodies, and they can easily pass large cracks that form beside doors and windows and sometimes under the doors. Using a plaster of Paris can seal off any entrances for the mice into the home. Be sure to apply enough that the mice cannot easily chew it out and enter the home.  And apply a fine finish on the sealing so there is no way the mice can start to remove the plaster of Paris.

Trim branches of the tree

Mice are expert climbers, and many people might not know, but they have excellent grip on rough surfaces. Having trees near your home can be an advantage for the mice. They can climb the branches and invade your home easily. So time to time keep the branches of the trees trimmed and keep them 6-8 feet away from your roof and windows. This way the mice will be unable to reach any entrances of the home, which will reduce the risk of mice invading your home.

Consulting Professional Exterminators

Calling in the exterminators is a wise choice before the house walls are infested with mice all over the place. The professionals have the tools and the expertise to flush out the mice population easily. They also have the sufficient knowledge to take care of the problem easily and clean your house of all the mice that have been causing the hassle.

Glue Traps

Glue traps are some of the easiest traps to set. The trap is useful for mice that are unaware of the surprise. The mouse steps on the trap its feet stick and it starts to struggle, and the ultimately sticks its body on the trap. The mouse would die of hunger and thirst if left or if found alive in the trap it can be released some place far away from home. Do not attempt to remove the mice by pulling it off. Pulling the mice off would simply rip its hair or in many cases rip off the skin. Better is to leave the mouse in the trap as it will die and decompose on it.

Modern day rat traps – Rat Zapper

Rat Zapper or electric mouse trap, etc. are the names of the same killing machine that has been designed to kill a mouse. It’s a device that is like a tunnel. When the mouse enters it, then it gets trapped and electrocuted to death. It’s more like an electrical chair version used for human punishment. Many people think of mice traps as a very inhuman type of practice, but the amount of damage mice can do to a home is devastating. For people who can’t seem to put an end to the life of the mice, the Rat Zapper is a perfect tool as it guarantees the kill of the rat.

DIY Traps

The mouse enters the tube and takes the bait and falls into the containers below. Then you can simply release the mouse far away from home.

Using Coca-Cola or Pepsi as a poison

Take a plate and place some Coca-Cola or Pepsi in the plate. Position it in a place that has mice passing by commonly. Mice will be attracted to the drink and consume it. They will eventually die as they are unable to release the carbon dioxide from their body like humans do.

Noise Maker (Mouse Repellent)

These are devices that make sounds repel mice away from the home. The mice would be startled at first and stay away but with time they will be habitual of the sound, and the device will be useless.

Using Fabric Softener Sheets

Fabric softener sheets are said to keep the mouse away from the house due to the strong smells that it emits. Easy thing about them is that they can be spread flat. And they can also be cut into small pieces and fit into small holes and cracks easily.