How to Get Rid of Lizards

Lizards are so annoying at times and to make it worse people are scared out of their shoes when they see one. Ever had the experience of waking up in the morning and your wife or sister or mom screaming in the kitchen with a broom in hand? And then you just yawn and say “It’s just a lizard.” But believe it or not lizards creates a phobia in the minds of people due to their strange looks and their ability to crawl. Ladies hate those creepy and crawling creatures that can cling to them for no given reason. And scare the living life out of them with their subtle and swift moves. Some of the remedial solutions to getting rid of lizards are as follows:

Coffee and Tobacco pellets

Mix some coffee powder with tobacco and make a mixture of it. Then roll them into balls or pellets, large enough so that the lizards can swallow them. Then insert a toothpick in them and then you can place them in places where you have found lizards to come commonly. When the lizards eat these balls, they die, and your lizard problem is solved.

Naphthalene balls

Having problems with getting rid of lizards from the house? Use these naphthalene balls as a quick remedy to repel lizards. You can keep these balls in the cupboard and draws to avoid the lizards taking shelter in those places. Lizards hate the smell of these balls, and they avoid coming to places where these balls have been placed. Put some on the couch also to get rid of lizards from the couch.

Bird Feathers

Lizards are scared of birds as they are some of the main predators of the lizards. Whenever lizards sense the presence of a bird, they leave that place or hide till the danger has passed. One good remedy using this characteristic to your advantage is that you can place peacock feathers in the corners of the house where you think lizards often come.

Acquire a pet cat

Cats are fond of hunting, and they will hunt the lizards that they find easy to catch. These feline friends have a very sharp sense of detection. Cats are agile and intelligent creatures. A good choice is to get an active and agile cat as a pet that loves hunting.

Expose hiding places

An ideal choice is to decorate the interior of a room such that there are no hiding places for the lizards. They love to hide in the furniture and cupboards. Make sure that you leave space when putting any furniture in the room. Leave some place insides open where the corner of the room are and also leave some space open at the back of the furniture.

Cold Water

Some people have discovered and reported that spraying cold water on the lizard gets the job done. There is a good chance that the lizard would become unable to move from the spray. Lizards lose body heat fast when sprayed with cold water, and this makes their muscles unable to move. It’s like a stunning spell on the lizards that will make them unable to move.


Using flypaper traps lizards and renders them immobile. Put some fly paper in places you think the lizards often visit. Once the lizard is trapped, then you can simply catch it with gloves and release it somewhere away from home.

Block Entry Ways

One good idea is to seal any entry ways for the lizards. Sealing entry ways would limit the access points for the lizards, and this will help in the reduction of lizard infestation in your home.


Eggs give a unique odor that is intimidating towards lizards. They are irritated by the kind of smell the egg shell gives off. Hang some egg shells in the corners of your room to keep the lizards from running around and clinging to places in your room. Hang some in the porch area as it is open extended area, and the lizard has easy access to that area.

Onion Slices

Onion gives a very strong smell, and its presence is even strong to humans. Our eyes burn when we peel some onions and imagine the kind of discomfort, it may cause to a lizard. Peel some onion and slice them and then put them in corners or your house or active spots where lizards come.

Manual Eradication

When you spot a lizard, one good method to eliminate them is using a broom and smacking them for the kill. If you are frustrated with the lizard problem and have kids that are scared then as a parent, you would want to kill the lizard. With good reflexes, this can be achieved easily. A good swing of the broom and the lizard will be history.

Ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic devices give off a very precise sound frequency that keeps the lizards away from the house. Keep these devices near entry points and active areas where you have seen a lizard very often. The lizards will be confused by the sound and will avoid entering the house. Also fitting some devices in the yard help to get rid of lizards from the yard completely.

Using synthetic repellents

Some people greatly rely on the synthetic lizard repellents that are available in the market. Purchase a repellent and spray it in the corners, behind the furniture, in the corners of the ceiling of the room and entry points where you suspect that the lizards have been seen many times.

Tabasco Sauce Spray

Mix 2 tbsp of Tabasco sauce in water and fill the solution in a spray bottle. Then spray it on the suspected areas of the house where you suspect that lizard have made a shelter. The odor of the sauce will repel the lizards from the area. Once you have secured all spots, the lizard is less likely to come and visit your home.

Pepper pesticide spray

Grind some pepper and put them in a spray bottle. Then pour in some water and fill the bottle to a ¾ ratio. Shake the bottle well, so that the peppers give off their essence into the water. Once the pepper’s strong smell has been properly mixed into the water. Then spray the solution in places where lizard often comes like yard, kitchen, cupboards, drawers, behind furniture, etc.