How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Lice problem is one of the most annoying problems for people. Itchy and irritating as it may be, the lice problems can grow into serious problems. If left untreated the lice can start to bite the scalp much deeper and try to dig much deeper into the blood vessels. This can be dangerous as the lice could hide in the skin and lay eggs under the skin. This would result in lice larva feeding on your scalp skin. Some of the remedial cures are as follows:

Combing with thin comb

Parents usually use an a thin comb to take out the lice from the hair and kill it. Using a thin comb allows the parents to take care out the lice without damaging the hair. The comb is an essential tool to screen out the lice from the scalp. Using a good quality transparent thin comb greatly helps to see the lice clearly on the comb scales.


Using a good shampoo can surely help to kill the lice in the process. Shampoo your hair and leave the shampoo for 20-30 minutes. The lice will suffocate and die from doing this. Most like might die, but a very little amount of lice will survive. Keep reaping the process every day and get rid of all the annoying lice from your hair within a week.


A manual and the more tiring technique is to pick the lice manually out of the hair. Although this is a very strenuous method, it still picks out most of the lice out of the hair. The main problem is that this method requires a lot of time and patience.

Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is a good natural remedy for lice. When you apply olive oil in the hair, it creates an oozing texture in the hair and effectively suffocates the lice by sealing their breathing holes and giving less space for them to breathe. Whenever they try to breathe the oil rushes into their breathing hole and choke them.


These are special chemical shampoos that kill the lice like insecticides, but, on the other hand, these are made safe for the people to use. They are less toxic than insecticides and are made human-friendly. Experts suggest that shampoos like these have no harm to the skin. Put the shampoo on hair for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes, wash and rinse the hair properly.

Medicated Spray

Medicated sprays are an alternative to medicated shampoos. This spray can be purchased at any store as per needed. When you are sure that your child has lice then apply the medicated spray to the most infested areas of the scalp. This spray can kill lice effectively.

Avoiding Caps/Hats

When you have lice problem, then avoid the use of caps and hats. Caps and hats give shelter to the lice and keep them safe from sunlight and heat. Lice are sensitive to high heat and wearing a cap keeps them in the shade safe from chances that they would die from heat. Some lice might climb in the cap/hat and lay eggs there. There might be chances that someone else would use the cap and get lice in their hair too.

Change Clothing

When you have lice in the hair, then avoid using same clothing more than once in a day. The lice might cling to the clothing and wait for a chance to get to the head again. Washing the clothes after single use is a good idea to control the number of lice. 

Soak Combs in Water

This might not be a cure, but a preventive measure as to avoid any more spread of lice to other members of the family. Lice may be small and have less capability of traveling like other insects, but they are good opportunists. They might stick to the combs used and wait for someone else to use the comb, then stick to their hair and start to reproduce rapidly.

Wash Linen and Pillow Cases

While sleeping may the lice might come off the head and fall on the linen or start to crawl on a pillow to look for new hosts. It is always wise to change and wash the old pillow cases and linen time to time just to be sure that there is no further spread among family members.

Blow Dryer

Using a blow dryer is effective against lice eggs, but it has very less effect on the hatched ones. The eggs are sensitive to heat of the blow dryer, but the adult ones will stay unaffected. Make sure that you do not blow dry your airs too much as it might damage your hair. This is a way to get rid of lice fast and to stop their population growth.

Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea has been lab tested, and results have shown that it is very effective against lice. The tea tree oil has a similar effect life the olive oil. It suffocates the lice because the lice do not have advanced physiology like we humans do. And they start to take the oil and start to choke on it helplessly. This is an easy way to get rid of lice at home.

Using Vinegar

How to get rid of lice with vinegar? It’s Simple. Mix equal amount of vinegar with water and apply to the hair and scalp. Wrap a towel around your head for about an hour or so and then comb your hair with a thin  comb dipped in vinegar. The Vinegar has acetic acid that is effective in killing the lice in the hair.


The thick mayonnaise contains a lot of fat that helps to suffocate the lice. Apply a fine coat of mayonnaise to your hair and then use a shower cap or towel to wrap around your hair. You need to leave your hair wrapped for about 8 hours. Or it’s good to leave it wrapped overnight for optimum results. The thick paste cuts of supply of oxygen for the lice to breathe in eventually later killing them. This is how you get rid of lice with mayonnaise.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Applying petroleum jelly to hair can also help greatly to kill off the lice. Petroleum jelly gives a fine coating to the hair and stops any passage of air to the lice. The lice trying to breathe would have their breathing passage blocked with the jelly that goes in while breathing resulting in killing the lice. To make the process more effective, use a shower cap to cover your head for some hours while the jelly is applied.