How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

What are Fire Ants?

A small animal which has a body formed of three parts, namely the head, thorax, and abdomen. Surprisingly fire ants have a sting also that gives a very irritating pain, and usually a fire ant has six legs, it is grouped in the classification of an insect. A  possible definition defining on about what an insect is? But, in short, it can likewise be depicted as a six-legged creature that lives for its survival, but can also generate difficulties for humans if they come in direct contact with them. A fire ant is one of those insects which are very tiny in size but the most provoking in its type. They are rebellious when they are managed and can cause excruciating pain with their stings. Ants usually don’t have stings, usually having just pointed pincers, but fire ants have an additional arsenal with them.

A fire ant commonly known as the “red ant” or “red imported fire ant” sometimes known by its initials R.I.F.A can be sorted as exceedingly forceful in nature. When a fire ant bites a human, the feeling is comparable to that of a burning match. After the bite, the ants clinger to its prey with its jaw and releases its venom through its sting. A lot of people experience pain and swelling while some of them who are allergic to these insects experience a severe reaction. If a person experiences nausea, headache, or difficulty breathing, then emergency services should be contacted immediately as a precaution. Professional help is always mandatory in severe cases to save the life of the individual.

How to get rid of fire ants?

Fire ants are the most hated insects; it ruins an area within very little time with the colonization of their nests. Many ways have been presented, tried and proved on damaging their natural habitat. These ways can be used accordingly to offer long-term solutions. Fire ants are not just present on our yards, gardens, garages, but are also visible in our house. There are several unique and notorious ways of exterminating these pests:

Killing them with instant grits

Making a ring around the fire ant mound of grits can be an interesting idea. They will eat the beans and take some of it back to the nest to keep in storage or as food for the larvae. After a little while, the grits will make them bloat, and they will die plus putting some water would worsen the condition for them as well. Mixing potato chips with the grit would attract the fire ants towards it more because of the immense love they have for grease. Ants love organic food, and they would travel distances to track down their favorite food and carry it back home.

Medicated body powder will make them migrate

Although killing is a better option, but if they would leave your home without giving you trouble then this option can be considered. By making use of medicated power and sprinkling it on the mound of the ants, would make them shift their colony. And by doing it repetitively would make them shift their nest from your place to another one. Relocation is always favorable both for the ants and humans as both can live peacefully without hindering each other any further.

Usage of Pine oil

Pine oil is obtained by steam distillation of needles, twigs and cones of various pine species, as this type of oil is very beneficial for our health; it also helps in repelling these fire ants. In a quart of water use one drop of pine oil (Pure) and spray it on the fire ants nest resulting in their elimination. You can also make a large amount of solution of pine oil and water, and then directly pouring it inside the mound of the ants to kill a large quantity quickly.

Boric Acid, Peanut Butter, and Jelly Mixture

Just use a teaspoon of boric acid and one tablespoon of peanut butter and apple jelly. Drop minute quantities around the mound and where you see them. They would take these goodies to their queen, and then they are well on the way to be executed. This unique blend is very dangerous towards the ants and thus acts as a natural pesticide against them. Some items can home, although being natural can be utilized effectively to make deadly recipes against pests. This is an excellent strategy to get rid of the ants in your home.

Getting Rid of Fire Ants Naturally

Lime mixed with Ivory soap and warm water to get rid of fire ants. Simply mix 16 tablespoons of Ivory soap and 1 cup of lime into 4 liters of warm water. Casting solution in the nest, it will kill the whole nest. You can use this spray solution directly on ants to kill them immediately.

Fire ant baits are products which can be acquired from any nearby nursery and is almost available in every plantation shop. It has a chemical “Avermectin” it’s a naturally occurring soil organism. Some bait contains an insecticide that kills all ants that consume a sufficient dose, including workers and the queen. This is a natural strategy that can be implemented to eradicate large amount of ants that have possessed the zone around your home..

Hot water the real nemesis of fire ants

Obtain a container and fill it with about 2-3 liters of water, and then boil it till it is bubbling hot. Pour hot water into the mound. Be sure to do this when the Queen is most active between 02:00 noons on a hot day. You’ll have to be smart and stay away from all the ants until ready. This takes about three baths with hot water before you get rid of the queen. This is a process which requires sneakiness but would do the job for you to rid of the ants completely. You can gain the upper hand if the queen is executed because the queen is the controlling unit of the colony, and the whole infrastructure falls if the queen dies.

Fighting them organically

There are different ecological methods to get the end these fire ants. Some manufacturers of products for the control of fire ants that have been endorsed for organic materials. Apart from these, you could use biological means to get rid of fire ants. This includes the introduction of predatory mites and nematode pests. These are their natural nemesis and eliminate these fire ants in time. Other options can be digging in mounds of soil on which they built their nest.

Make Use of Club soda

Soda use is controversial, but a lot of people say it works, but scientific research says otherwise. Just pour two cups of soda (carbonated water) in the middle of the ant mound. The quantity of carbon dioxide is heavier in the water than air and captures the air, resulting in the suffocation of the queen and other ants. The whole colony will be exhausted in about two days.

Ant Poison “Splenda “

An accidental creation of a liquid which now helps in killing fire ants is a molecule of carbon attached to chlorine atoms.  The method of using Splenda is simply by pouring it down on where you see ants. Splenda would do its job as soon as the fire ants start eating it. This poisonous material is very effective on the ants and kills them effectively like any other deadly pesticide. The main aim of totally uprooting the nest of the fire ant is to kill the queen that is the boss of the whole colony. Once you have gotten rid of the queen, their population halts and they would act unorganized and die due to lack of resources.

Put Some Dry Ice inside the Mound

Make use of the piece of 5/8re-bar. Use it to bore a gap in the bottom of the hill. Attach a piece of dry ice in the hole and push down with re-bar. The dry ice should be around 110 ° F. The cold temperature will be able to kill the queen and a large population that was present in the mound at that time. Once the queen is slaughtered, the ants likewise begin to die gradually due to lack of supervision/guidance of the queen and lack of resources also.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with ice, try to wear hand gloves

Usage of Alkaline Soap

A Cheap, environmentally safe fire ant killing method can be implemented using alkaline soap and water. Melt ½ bar of alkaline soap in 5 gallons of water. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection equipments to protect yourself from it as it is highly corrosive and can cause burns too, alkaline needs careful handling. Seal the exits by pouring this substance around the ant mound, and then stir them up and drench them intensively. This solution would end the lives of those ants without destroying your house and the natural environment outside.

Sprinkle Some Coffee grounds

How to get rid of fire ants outside of your house easily? Well, empty coffee grounds onto their mounds, this safe material would confuse the ant workers, and they would lose their scent trails. This would despair them from bringing food for the young born ants, hatched in ant colonies with nothing to eat, and they would starve to death. You have to be persistent and patient. It can consume a huge amount of duration. However, after a while, you won’t have ants in the house, and the garden would be clean from those annoying fire ants. The repetition of this process is must on a yearly basis so that these fire ants won’t find a way back on engineering their nests again.

Divide & Rule Strategy

Divide and rule are the oldest human strategy to conquer them all; we can even use this on fire ants. Fire ants of not the same colonies do not get with each other and fight. We can use it to an advantage by mixing them up from different mounds. Ant colonies can be pulverized or possibly be weakened by this method unless the areas you live in have multiple queen colonies.

Using a long-handled shovel, pick up a shovel full of a mound and set it aside. Then take a shovel full from mound two and place it over the first one. If you have three colonies, do a mixture of three. See what happens. You should see most of the fire ants dead in a few days. A precaution must be taken; you must be careful while manipulating both of these societies. While transporting these fire ants over each other, some might have fallen from the shovel and can sting you hard. Wait until the colonies have weakened, and once they are feeble they are less aggressive and do not attempt the mass stinging attack.

The situations and areas where fire ants infest are manifold. As such, there is no method of disposal which can proclaim it is better for all infestations. Among the variables to consider is the span of the infested area and the degree of infestation. The large fields and those with severe infestation draws are best tended to with dissemination. At the point when the infestation is smaller, individual mound treatment through contact poison might help. Also to be considered is whether the area has pets, plants, and children. There are commercial products suitable for lawns, gardens, and many other places. And ‘better used as recommended.

Use a Chalk

Have you ever recognized outside in the late spring the way the ants and walkway chalk simply don’t appear to blend? That is on account of they wear ‘t. Ants that stagger through chalk get secured in the stuff while some individuals propose minerals in the chalk, (for example, talc) murder the ants.

Draw a thick, substantial line around the doorways rehash as required. This needs to be used as a piece of the conjunction with a substitute technique for the end. You can utilize this strategy to get rid of fire ants in the house.

Keep the House Clean

A clean house is your first protection against ants. Compass up nourishment scraps, wipe up spills, take out the refuse and don’t go out. This takes away the ants’ sustenance source. Splash vinegar blended with water around dishes of pet nourishment to keep ants from devouring there.