How To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters

Floaters are those annoying transparent spots or those colorful shades that a person would see flying around. Some people might think that they are crazy, but they aren’t because these floaters do exist. For a few this may be an ordinary eye issue, however, for a few this issue gets to be intense. Some people might see a single small spot of floater while others might see multiple multi-colored dots flying around. Some tips to help counter the effects of floaters are as follows:

Relaxing your Eyes

Taking a break from long exposure to television or computer usage can also reduce the risk of having floaters. All you need is a good time to relax your eyes so that there is less stress on your eyes. Just leave the work you are doing on your computer for some time and go out to take a walk and then you can come back later. An interval between exposures to light to the eyes is a key factor in reducing risk of floaters.

Limit Use of Television and Computer

There are a lot of people who use computers and watch TV straight for hours. This is a major reason for the floaters. Limiting time to use such devices and to make a timetable is the best idea to minimize the risk of floaters. On the off chance that you, for instance, utilize the PC for six to eight hours in a row. Then you have to reduce it by half or somewhere in the vicinity to improve things for you. Invite healthy activities into your life or go outdoors much more than being indoors. When you are far from your PC, then you are less inclined to be propelled to utilize it.


Massaging is an extraordinary approach to lessen the anxiety in your eyes and off your head. Take a wet cloth and then soak it in water. Put it over your eyes and then close your eyes for a long time. Take the tips of your finger and start to massage the temple area gently. You will feel a soothing and relaxing feeling around the eyes and all over the head. Keep doing this exercise two to three times a day to relieve from all the stress that builds up in your head.

Yoga as a Means to Fight Stress

Floaters in the eyes are brought about because of additional anxiety being put on your eyes. Yoga is the most ideal approach to lighten the stress. Performing yoga smoothes psyche and body, which thus unwinds the eyes and mitigates the distress identified with the eye floater exhibit in your eyes. Counsel a yoga educator before beginning yoga.

Consuming Bilberries to Counter Effects of Floaters

Expending bilberry is an alternate method for averting eye floaters. Bilberry is known to be a rich wellspring of against oxidants and is moreover noted for the ability to toughen the retinal tissue. Bilberry can unquestionably support in enhancing eye capacity. Bilberries can either be consumed crudely or can be overcome with juices and jams. This excessively falls in the rundown of the home solutions for eye floaters.

Use Eye Protection to Ease the Effects

Direct sun beams can be unsafe to your eyes. Thus, secure them by wearing shades at whatever point you are outside on a sunny day. Doing this diminishes direct presentation of the daylight in your eyes and makes the vicinity of the eye floaters less evident.

Smoking is the Cause of Floaters?

A great many people assert that they smoke because they discover smoking to be an anxiety buster. In any case, this is not genuine. Smoking does not reduce stress. To be completely frank, it tends to construct it, especially when you take in the smoke. This is bad for your vision. Thus, quit smoking to escape from the grip of the eye floaters. This is an alternate top solution for eye floaters treatment.

Taking a Good Nap

Many people have reported that Floaters occur when the eyes are under great stress and lack relaxation. Well, the part that says that the eyes need rest is a fact. Eyes have the potential to focus for long periods, but the eyes also need a break to recharge for more work. Taking a good night’s sleep or taking sleep between rigorous routine is a good idea to bring the eyes back to optimum condition. This is a simple approach to dispose of floaters characteristically and securely with no surgical strategies.

Lots of Water!

Consuming a sufficient measure of water consistently can enhance the course of the blood. Furthermore, it would diminish the level of poisons in the body. Floaters can be because of the expanded level of poisons present in the body. What’s more the water serves to flush out the poisons from the body. On average a person needs to take eight glasses of water in 24 hours of time. This amount of water is considered an ideal amount of water supply to remove the toxins from the blood.

Treatment through Surgery

Medical prescription has no treatment for floaters. The ophthalmologist may prescribe a vitrectomy, uprooting the vitreous liquid and supplanting it with a counterfeit gel in intense cases. A couple of specialists perform laser surgery for this condition, yet where it relies on the floaters are placed the liquid and the kind of floater. Most patients who may be the contenders for laser surgery have encountered PVD (post vitreous separation), which push floaters to the focal can point of the eyes and far from the lens and the retina. However, this practice is still viewed as outside the extents of ordinary ophthalmology methods.

Changing Diet of Individual

Adopting healthy habits can reduce the risk of having floaters. Eating healthy food that has lots of proteins and vitamins can help heal the damage that the rays from computers and televisions can cause. Proteins have known to be the best nutrients that can aid in the healing process of any tissue in the body. Taking out oily, spicy and fast food from your diet can drastically boost your health conditions for the better. This is a perfect plan to get rid of floaters without surgery and only by natural means.

Make use of the Antioxidants

Antioxidants have said to be amazing at curing the floater’s problem. Reduce unhealthy food items and intake natural items such as oranges, kiwi, green vegetables and green tea. Antioxidants boost the metabolism of the body and help to coup up with any loss of bodily functions. Antioxidants are like the natural nitrous oxide in the body but in a good way.

Try to Sharpen your Focus

You can counter the effects of floaters by trying out this simple exercise of focusing the eyes. Take a pencil and then keep it away from your face. Bring the pencil close to the face and while keeping this the focus of the eyes on the pencil tip. At the point when the pencil is around 6 inches far from the face, then detract the pencil from the face. Try this about ten times, and you will feel a little bit relieved from the floaters.

Taurine as a Counter to Floaters

Taurine is a substance that is mainly found in the ocean depths and meats like scallops and shrimps. It is thought to be amazing in upgrading visual perception. Devouring nourishments that are rich in taurine enhances vision and reductions the possibility of eye floaters from happening. This technique is greatly viable as a home solution for this condition.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Doctors have suggested that Omega-3 Fatty acids are very helpful to reduce the risk of floaters. Food items that contain this fatty acid can help to get rid of eye floaters. Some drop out of the unhealthy food habits and inherit some healthy foods in everyday diet to reduce the effects of the floaters. Some foods that are rich in Omega 3 are listed below:

  • Hemp oil
  • Fish
  • Wheat
  • Walnuts