How to Get Rid of Depression

Some people ask themselves, “Why do I get depressed?” Depression is a normal thing because it is merely a reaction to severe stress, a reaction to a recent loss, or a feeling of low self-esteem. But once the feeling of depression becomes too severe and it doesn’t seem to go away, it would now be considered as a clinical depression. But not to worry, there are ways on how a person could overcome depression.

A person is experiencing and is diagnosed with depression if he or she is experiencing at least 5 of the symptoms listed below:

  • The person has loss or fatigue of energy
  • The person has a feeling of guilt or worthlessness
  • There is an inability to gain sleep (Insomnia) or is excessively sleeping (Hypersomnia)
  • The person is showing a depressed mood all throughout the day
  • The person has no interest in any activities giver, no matter how simple it is
  • The person is undergoing a feeling of restlessness or always feels tired
  • The person has obviously gained or lost weight for a short period of time
  • The person has recurring thought regarding self-harm, suicide, or simply death in general.

Keep in mind that not every person undergoing depression has the same signs and symptoms; there are some that truly refuse to show it and are really good at hiding it. But the next question is on how to get rid of depression. Well, there are a lot of ways to get rid of depression.

Of course, it is always recommended that you cure yourself of the feeling before it gets worse. Push yourself to overcome anxiety and get out of depression.  There are also ways of treating depression naturally. This is for clinically depressed people to avoid getting too dependent on prescribed drugs and such. A natural treatment for depression is a good thing. It makes things a bit more normal.

Natural Ways of Overcoming Depression

  1. Laugh

They always say that laughter is the best medicine. Laughing is believed to reduce a bit of stress after a long day at school or work. Always look for something to make you laugh whenever you are feeling down under. If you can’t find anything, access your memories instead.

Look for and reminisce a happy memory that makes you laugh your heart out. Everyone has one of those happy days. Those days wherein you haven’t a care in the world. You might not remember the memory well, except for the happiness you might have felt at that time.

  1. Listen

Listen to some good music. Your favorite song perhaps. Sing along to it even if you aren’t a singer. Scream out at the top of your lungs and feel the meaning of the lyrics. Try to even dance a long to it. Dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening. It’s just you and your song. Be a rock star!

  1. Write

If you are feeling really down, try taking a pen and write out what you are currently feeling. This may not remove what you are feeling, but at least it lightens the load on your shoulders. You can even write poems or stories if writing is your passion or if you are up to it. There are thousands of words that are waiting to be written down.

  1. Talk

It doesn’t hurt to talk to someone about how you are feeling. You could talk to someone in your family about it, or to a close friend. Just make sure that you are really comfortable in doing so. You could also go to a therapist if it comes to that point. They are experts in this field and would do everything to help you. Just talk it out with someone, they would surely help you by giving advice and ways to overcome depression.

  1. Participate

You may be going through some tough time, but it could help if you interacted with other people too. Try and participate in activities that keep you active and moving. Participating is always a good distraction.Eat

As listed in the symptoms, there are people who lose weight during depression. This is due to the fact that the person is either stressed or skips eating entirely. Well, if you are depressed, eat instead of starving yourself. You should eat healthier and take care of yourself. There is no point in skipping meals. Eat even if it’s just a small portion of food. You could start by eating your favorite food! Keep your blood sugar high and keep your body energized.

Remember to keep a balanced diet. Always have a happy diet that would satisfy and keep you healthy. Stay clear of any caffeinated drinks. Caffeine only increases the anxiety you are going through.

  1. Go Out More

There are so many activities waiting for you out there. Why not take a wall once in a while? To block out the fog in your mind, notice things around you while taking a walk. The smallest things you observe may act as a fog light, you never know. Plus, walking is a great exercise. You should keep your body moving.

  1. Watch a Movie

Have a movie marathon! Put a movie on, prepare your favorite snacks and drinks, invite some friends over, and generally just have a good time. There are so many movies you could go through. They help block out things that shouldn’t be running on your mind since your focus would be entirely on the movie.

  1. Exercise

As stated on the seventh number, keep your body moving. By taking care of your body and shaping it through exercise, not only are you distracting yourself, but you are also increasing all the happy hormones whenever you break a sweat. Exercise is really good for you.

  1. Keep Fighting It

Get up off the ground or from your bed and start moving. There are a lot of things that could be done instead of just moping around. You may be going through some difficult time, but you need to believe that there is something much more out there other than listening to your own thoughts and wallowing in your own tears. Never allow yourself to drown in depression.

Depression should never be taken lightly. Getting rid of depression is a slow and steady process. For those people out there currently undergoing this experience, never allow yourself to drown in its waves. Just keep your head up and keep breathing. Remember, some of this tips might work for you but not for others. Help us by sharing some advises and by leaving a comment.

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