How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is a shameful experience one wishes never to experience. Concealing hair flakes is a lot more difficult than concealing your blemishes on your face and neck. Of all the different diseases that exist in this world, one of the most common that anybody may experience in a short or long period of time would be dandruff. Dandruff, in most cases, is not really a life threatening kind of disease to anyone at all. And there are so many effective and proven ways on how to get rid of dandruff fast.

Getting rid of dandruff will help somebody to remedy such disease in a matter of hours or days, and it all depends on the ways that the person is using. Treating worse cases of dandruff may indulge an individual to spend a hurtful amount of money and so it would really be wise to use natural ways to get rid of dandruff in order to save money.

What causes dandruff in hair?

Dandruff can be experienced on a short period of time and it can be treated easily. But other cases of dandruff can last a lifetime depending on the cause of your scalp irritation. Minor causes of dandruff include your skin reaction to strong hair products which is triggered by your extremely oily skin. If this is the cause of your dandruff, this can be easily prevented by changing your hair product and switching to products that are tested and proven for sensitive scalp.

On some cases, indirect skin conditions like eczema, contact dermatitis, and psoriasis can affect your scalp and lead to severe dandruff. These conditions are known to attack on parts of the body that are rich in oil glands and that apparently include the scalp. Another factor that can lead to dandruff is personal hygiene, if you tend to skip bath regularly dirt can form on your scalp that can later on lead to skin irritation and before you know it you have a huge scalp area that is already affected by dandruff. This can be prevented by washing your hair thoroughly and preventing shampoo or soap residue on your hair.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Quickly Using Natural Methods

Eat Varieties of Food Rich in B Vitamins

One natural way of treating dandruff is by eating foods that are rich in B vitamins. Some of the foods that have a high content of B vitamins would be the green leafy vegetables such as the cabbage, broccoli and, horseradish. Another food that is a good source of B vitamins would be nuts just like the almonds and the peanut.

B vitamins usually work as anti-inflammatory sort of agents to our body and this is what our body needs in order to fight dandruff since this disease is actually an inflammation of the scalp. Eating these foods will definitely and naturally aide a person’s suffering from dandruff and at the same time, he becomes healthy.

Try Hot Steam Baths

Massage your scalp with hot oil and wrap your head with hot damp towel afterwards. You can then wash your hair after a few minutes. Simply washing your hair with hot water will also help open your pores. It will strip away the barrier that naturally blocks the moisture in your skin.

using curling irons and hair dryers will only irritate your scalp, which in turn causes it to become dry. But if you can’t refrain from using one, just see to it that you don’t set it to the hottest level. And when using a blow dryer, for instance, make sure to keep it away from your scalp for at least ten inches.

Drink Lots of Fluid

Dehydration can as well lead to dry skin. When you don’t drink enough water regularly, there is a possibility that your scalp will easily dry up. So increase your daily water intake slowly until you get used to what is recommended, which is at least eight glasses a day.

Apply Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is not only known for keeping the hair moisturized but also the scalp. That is why it is greatly considered as dandruff cure since ancient times. Wash your hair first but make sure not to use any conditioner. Once your hair is already dry, apply the oil onto your scalp and leave it until desired, but not too long, and rinse it off after. You can repeat the same process two to three times per week until the condition has alleviated and until it is totally gone.

Massage Your Scalp with Baby Oil

Baby oil is also said to be one of the dandruff cures. You can use it to massage your scalp, leave it overnight, and rinse it off the next day using a good herbal shampoo. But make sure to wrap a towel around your head after applying. Remember, refrain from using any harsh chemicals to get rid of dandruff.

Use Organic Apple Cider after Shampooing

Organic apple cider vinegar is known to help minimize dandruff naturally. Just pour one part of it mixed with one part water to scalp and hair right after shampooing. Massage it into the scalp and let it stay for about fifteen minutes. Once done, rinse it thoroughly with warm water. This amazing mixture works on fighting the fungus that causes the scalp to dry.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is also more recommended for people with dandruff. It is known to have less harmful chemicals compared to commercialized shampoos. Just get a handful of it and rub into the scalp thoroughly while taking shower. Repeating the process daily will surely bring positive results after two weeks. Baking soda works as it replenishes the hair by allowing the oil to come out naturally.

More and more people are relying on the most natural ways possible than using chemicals when it comes to how to get rid of bad dandruff. In this modern day generation, it is still not a bad idea to go back to the basics and gain more help from Mother Nature instead of using chemicals to attend to simple problems.

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