How to Get Rid of Cough and Flu

Cough and Flu and some of the most annoying medical problems a person can go through. Along with cough comes the embarrassment of coughing in a crowded place especially when you are a member of some formal and professional company. Imagine that a delegation of high-class people has come to your company, and you are responsible for a presentation. And a day before you get this bad cough, this is the time when you get the feeling that you are for. Well, rest assured because there are some very effective cures for the bad cough. They are mentioned as follows:

Lick a Lemon

Licking a lemon controls cough and calms down the bad cough effectively. The lemon also clears the throat and gives a flavor if you are feeling bad taste or no taste from the bad cough or flu.

Thyme Tea

Thyme tea is used as a cure for the infection in many parts of Germany, and now it is adopted as a method worldwide. Thyme is a herb that is very effective to treat upper body infection such as respiratory infections. Put some leave in hot boiling water and prepare some tea and drink it while it is hot enough to tolerate.

Avoid Dairy products

When you have a bad cough, then do avoid intake of dairy products as the contribution in the production of mucus. Avoiding food like milk, butter, cheese and cream is a good idea to make sure that you do not have a bad cough and excess mucus production.

Pepper and Honey Tea

Put two tsp of honey and one tsp of black ground pepper in a cup, and then pour in some boiling water to make tea. The honey is a good ingredient to relieve the cough, and the black pepper helps to circulate the mucus in the body helping to ease the very bad cough.

Using Honey

Honey is a very viscous byproduct produced by honey bees. It is an excellent demulcent and helps greatly to reduce the coughing problem. The honey effectively coats the mucous membranes and causes the person to feel easy from all the excessive coughing. It also soothes the places where the rashes are present in the throat from the bad coughing. Since honey is a natural product and doesn’t have synthetic sugars, it is safe to consume. Take a spoon full of honey with sufficient intervals to feel the benefit of it.


Taking on steam gives a relaxing feeling to the person. Steam acts as a muscle relaxant and the steam keep the throat moist, which gives a feeling of comfort. You can add some essential oils to the hot water to give an aromatherapy feel to it. Eucalyptus extract, balm or tea tree oil is some of the best options you can have. The steaming reduces the congestion in the chest and readily cure cough in time.

Gargle Salt Water

The salt water is a method to make a gargling tonic for the rinsing of the mouth. Take one teaspoon of salt and 8 ounces of water. Stir the salt in the water to completely dissolve it in the water so that a fine solution is made. Then take some water in the mouth and gargle for 15 seconds. Use the remaining water to gargle multiple times and then rinse your mouth with lukewarm water afterward. This method clears the throat and relaxes the cough to a great extent.


Some good antibiotics are a good option by the prescription of the doctor. Taking the suitable prescription would be the best course of action. Medications are fast acting agents that cure the problem rapidly and antibiotics, especially, are very fast acting chemicals.

Eat chicken soup

Chicken soup is the best diet during flu and bad cough. The viscous soup and added spice play the part to open the congested areas in the chest. And the hot temperature gives the throat a relaxing feeling. Chicken soup is a natural medicine and thus having the advantage of having no side effects or allergies, in particular. It gets rid of the bad cough naturally.

Vapor Rub

If you are looking forward to getting rid of a cough at home without visiting a doctor then a very effective method is to use vapor rub. And rub some balm especially mint flavor balm on the neck and chest of the person. And give a gentle massage to the person who helps to absorb the balm on the surface to prolong the soothing effect.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a great antioxidant, and it helps to relax the muscles of the throat. The tea is very advantageous for the bad cough as it is herbal and has no side effects. One more reason green tea is important is that it reduces infections and rid the body of toxins. For added flavor, you can add some honey to the tea to also enhance its effect.

Elevate your head while resting

When you elevate your head while you rest or sleep, then there is less chance that the mucus goes back into the respiratory system. Sleeping with the head elevated relaxes the chest and also gives more ease to the way you breathe. The nasal area remains open, and breathing becomes very easy this way.

Sufficient Hydration

Drink lots of water to get rid of the toxins in the body. And make sure that you can lots of water to flush out any germs and bacteria. Water also helps to keep the metabolic system running in optimum condition, and this is good to fight diseases efficiently.


Soak 8-10 almonds in water over and then peel them. Mix the almond to 20g of sugar and butter to make a paste. Eating the paste twice, a day can help to cure the cough rapidly. This is a method to cure cough naturally at home without medication. Almonds are also good to provide with proteins, thus giving energy if you are feeling weak.


Some people might not like this method but chewing a strip of ginger helps to subside the extreme cough easily. Some people do not like the taste of ginger so this is a method for the people who love to drink ginger or eat ginger in salads and food. The juice of ginger is also a great choice if you have problems chewing the strip of ginger.