How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Ever had problems while sleeping when bug bugs bite you all night? We all hate those small pesky creatures that suck the blood out of our body. The small little strings, they make while we sleep so irritating that people stay up all night because of them. How to fight the problems regarding bed bugs? Some solutions and DIY methods sure do help a lot.

Steam Dry

Bed bugs are sensitive to heat and steam drying everything such as bed sheets, carpets, mattresses and curtains help to kill the bed bugs. But the cleaning process must be very thorough as bed bugs will hide in holes in the foam or even in folded ends of the sheets.

Washing Clothes

Washing regularly may kill most of the bed bugs. But this is only a way to reduce the total number of them. To kill all of them other additional preventive measures need to be adopted. Beg bugs are very subtle insects they can hide in the most unexpected places, for this reason, to totally annihilate the population of bugs you cannot wash the whole house.

Using Diatomaceous Earth

This is a very fine white colored powder that can be used to kill the bed bugs. When inspected under a microscope, this powder looks like small razor blades. Simply spread the powder in the room where there are concentrated infestations. The powder injures the body of the bed bugs, and they lose body fluids that kill them. Note: The diatomaceous earth should be food grade.

Using Caulk to fill cracks and crevices

Inspect the room thoroughly and mark all the cracks with a pencil of something that can be wiped easily. Then use the caulk paste to seal off all the cracks and any gaps. Sealing off the gaps will automatically kill the ones that are inside and will also prevent any more bugs to make a nest in that area. Limiting the hiding places will reduce their number.

Vacuum your house

How do I get rid of bed bugs? The answer is simple. Regular vacuuming will ensure that most of the bed bugs will be sucked into the machine. Take your time to vacuuming the room, under the mattress, rugs, carpet folding, corners of the door, etc. These places are favorites for bed bugs to make homes and lay eggs. The vacuum will remove any large quantities of eggs that the females have laid.

Using Insecticides

Insecticides can be very helpful to kill the bed bugs fast. Often people ask, “how to get rid of bed bugs fast?” Well, this is the answer to that question. There are some pretty toxic and strong insecticides available in the market that can act quickly before the infestation can become much more serious than you can imagine.

Spray Rubbing Alcohol

Like other insects, bed bugs are also very sensitive to some odor and chemicals. Rubbing alcohol is one such thing that kills bed bugs. Take a spraying bottle and use it to spray rubbing alcohol in places that have lots of bed bugs and take a brush (preferably washing brush) to rub the corners to kill the eggs. The eggs are sensitive to friction and are destroyed by the brush easily.

Adding Bed Posts

This is a very simple remedy, but it will last only for some days to keep you safe. Bed bugs can’t climb on very smooth surfaces easily. So take this to your advantage. Add bed posts to your bed and rub some baby powder on the bed posts to make them slippery. The bed bugs will have a hard time to get on the bed and bite you.

Quarantine the area

If the bed bugs have nested in the area, then make sure to shift to another room and leave all the sheets, pillows and clothes in that room. Use and wash separate pair of clothing. When the food supply of the bed bugs is cut down, then they will start dying quickly.

Use plastic bags to seal

When you have washed you, mattress, pillows, then use plastic sealing bags to seal the stuff to stop any bed bugs infesting into the pillows and mattress. Then start further to isolate the movement of the bed bugs with sealing places where they can lay eggs.

Call the Exterminator

Exterminators are people who are professionals in their work to exterminate pests. Although this may be expensive but they know exactly what to do when it comes to pest control. Exterminators would come and inspect and would advice to stay away from the room they are treating for days and even weeks. As the chemicals they use are very toxic and may leave residual fumes for a long time.

Tea Tree Oil

Spray tea tree oil using a sprayer around your bed and also in areas where you think the bed bugs are in your bed. The strong smell acts as a repelled for the bed bugs. They hate the smell of tea tree oil, and this ensures that you have a comfortable sleep at night.

Use Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a perfect natural repellent because of its strong odor. Bed bugs are sensitive to a strong odor that comes from the lavender oil. Make sure to spray the oil in places that you think the bed bugs are making nests and also around your mattress and bed posts.

Freezing Technique

Some pest control companies use a unique method that is freezing method. It is mostly used in Australia and USA. A Cryolite machine sprays carbon dioxide (CO2) which is at -110 degrees. The bed bugs are very sensitive to temperature changes, but regardless of how much immunity a pest has, such low temperature would instantly free and kill the insect. The plus point of this method is that since COdoes not leave any residue then there is no sticky, or gummy feeling are the treatment.


When there is confirmation that your home is infested with bed bugs, then once common remedy is that you turn on the heater at max temperature and leave it in the room for 15 minutes. Make sure to be alerted since heaters can cause fires, if not handled carefully. Intense heat would kill the bed bugs as they dehydrate quickly due to high heat and their body fluids start to evaporate killing them in the process.