How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Permanently

Let us talk about the scientific part first. Our mouth is a vital part of our daily functions. We are able to eat, drink, and communicate with other people using our mouths. The entire mouth is comprised of the lips, teeth, tongue, and salivary glands, which all function to the first part of digestion. Because we eat different food stuff from time to time and that we produce saliva to lubricate the food we eat, it is inevitable that there are various microorganisms thriving there. We cannot see it, but they are present in our mouths – in our inner cheeks, teeth, and tongue.  It is actually normal to have a bad breath from time to time due to the food that we eat, but there are certain cases when it becomes a long-term condition. Having a bad breath or halitosis is actually reflected on a person’s oral hygiene or lifestyle. In worst cases, it may signify a more serious problem. Reading through can keep you informed about the causes, symptoms and treatment of the said oral condition.

Knowing the probable causes of having a bad breath

Morning bad breath is normal. You just have to do some teeth brushing and gargling to get rid of bad breath. What makes it an unusual case is that you actually experience it most of the time, even right after teeth brushing. Before taking further action, it is best that you know first what causes bad breath on your part. Here are some common bad breath causes that you should know:

  1. Poor oral hygiene

It has been reported that one in four people has a bad breath or halitosis. Getting rid of bad breath is impossible if that one person has a poor oral hygiene. We eat different food and drink different kinds of fluid every day. Most of it is degraded into sugars that soften our teeth’s enamel and eventually tooth decay. The wrong method of teeth brushing is another culprit. The plaque accumulated or the tiny bits of food that has accumulated in the tongue may also cause the bad breath. The bacterial buildup is much faster when these are conditions inside your mouth.

  1. Habits like smoking or chewing tobacco

Aside that you get yellowing teeth, smoking or chewing tobacco will also make your breath unpleasant. Smoking gives you chapped lips and a dry mouth. Other than bacteria buildup, the smell of burnt tobacco in your mouth will combine, making it very nasty.

  1. Acid reflux or gastrointestinal-related problems

Most doctors encountered patients with satisfactory oral hygiene yet these patients have halitosis. If it is not about poor oral hygiene, the cause of bad breath may be attributed to some acid reflux or a gastrointestinal problem. People who happen to be bulimic experience halitosis. The same case also goes for those engaging in anorexia. Leaving your stomach empty will cause your bad breath from within.

  1. Other serious causes

Bad breath can also be attributed to some serious medical conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease, and even liver disease, according to WebMD. However, do not take halitosis as a symptom for these diseases. Having a bad breath could be a consequence if you happen to have any of the aforementioned medical conditions.

Shifting the Bad to Good

Now that you have learned some general causes of bad breath, it is time that you learn about the cures for bad breath. Because the most common cause of having a bad breath is poor oral hygiene, curing bad breath actually depends on how well you take care of your total oral health. Here are some bad breath cures that work for all:

  • Reforming your oral care

If you are wondering how to get rid of bad breath fast, all you need to do here is to reform your tools for oral care. See to it that the toothbrush that you purchase comes with a tongue cleaner. You have to observe the proper way of brushing your teeth for a minimum time of five minutes. Scrape your tongue every time you do the teeth brushing. A healthy tongue is pinkish in color, not lined with white or yellow food remains. You can also use dental floss to get rid of plaque accumulations in between teeth and make sure to wash it all off with some good mouthwash.

  • Change your habits

If you think your bad breath is due to your heavy smoking habits, the best cure for bad breath for you is to stop smoking. Aside that you can now avoid several negative health impacts from smoking, you also save your breath from the foul smell of tobacco.

  • Carefully select your food options

Another way for you to cure bad breath is to watch out what you eat. Garlic and onion release substances in your bloodstream until it makes its way to the lungs. If you think your breath condition depends greatly on your food choices, you might cut it off especially when you are bound to mingle with some people or friends. Water therapy will also help. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your body and to keep your mouth from drying.

Foods rich in zinc will keep those anaerobic bacteria in your mouth from accumulating. If available, you can also munch in some hazelnuts, anise or cardamom seeds because these are known to naturally freshen your breath. Eating an apple a day will also keep the bad breath away.

Dealing with proper oral hygiene is not that difficult especially if you value your overall health. At the end of the day, your health depends greatly on how well you take care of yourself. Bad breath is really easy to avoid once you follow this oral care guide. However, it is still recommended that you see and consult a doctor in case there are some other reasons why you experience bad breath. Doctors know better and they can also recommend antimicrobial medications to cure it faster. If you wish to know more about bad breath cures and solutions, feel free to write a response in the comment box below.

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