Home Remedies to Get Rid of Flies at Home

Imagine a Sunday morning and relaxing time for you and your family. You are sitting on your couch and reading a newspaper sipping a cup of tea, and you notice a buzzing sound around your head. Those annoying house flies have invaded your home again and are roaming around the whole house. As surprising it may seem there are solutions to even house flies that can be very effective.

Using indoor fly zapper:

Purchasing and installing an indoor fly zapper is a very wise choice when dealing with house flies. A zapper will always be able to get rid of the buzzing that irritates you. A zapper is a fly trap that attracts the flies with a special sound, and when the fly approaches it close enough then a strong electric charge electrocutes the house fly and kills it easily. Although the device might cost a little too much for some people but this is a very effective strategy to get rid of the flies. It is a fact that flies are attracted towards anything that is shining bright. The Zapper has an inbuilt high-intensity bulb that keeps all the insects running towards the trap.

Homemade Fly Strips

Buying so many of fly strips cost you some money? No worries. You can make your fly strips. Take ¼ cup of syrup, 1tbsp granulated sugar and 1tbsp of brown sugar. Mix them in a bowl and make a fine paste-like mixture of them.

Apply the syrup on Kraft paper or any other suitable material that you have easily accessible. Hang them overnight to dry. Then to use just make a hole at one end of the strip and hang it with a thread. The flies would be flying to taste the sugar syrup and stick to the strips. An easy and effective indoor fly control strategy for fly trap made at home.

Using Pyrethrum Spray

Wondering how to get rid of flies indoors using a spray would work. Well pyrethrum is a toxin that helps to kill the flies through spraying in areas where you think that the flies are grouping in a large number. Pyrethrum is an effective chemical toxin that poisons the flies and kills them effectively getting rid of the problem of flies at home.

Disposing of Waste Properly

Everyday use of food items surely stacks a lot of trash in the trash cans in the kitchen. This trash is like a jackpot for the flies to take shelter and reproduce in further large number. This dump of rotting food and other items serves as a colony for the flies. It is better to dispose of the trash and waste properly on an everyday basis in order to keep the fly count as minimum as possible. Keep the source of shelter for flies totally isolated will ensure that the flies find a shelter elsewhere but at least not at home.

Cover Food Items

Wondered why flies buzz around food items when left open? It is because food items contain certain nutrients that flies want to ingest as food. Flies are mainly attracted towards sugars and other products that are their favorite food. Always make sure to cover the food items that are left on the table or kitchen properly so that flies are not aware of exposed food items. Food items may not only cause flies to be attracted by it may also cause disease and bacteria to start contaminating to food through the flies.

Lemon Grass Spray

A more natural and non-toxic method to get rid of flies is the lemon grass spray method. This is a rather simple and easy way to make a fly repellent for use in the home. Getting rid of flies indoors is easy this way. Now here is what you would need to make the spray.

  • 10-12 tablespoons of lemongrass oil
  • Hot water about ¼ cup
  • Spray bottle

Put 10-12 tablespoon oil in the bottle and pour hot water and mix the solutions to make a mixture. Then spray on the window pans, door and other places that you think are the entrances for the flies.

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

This is a homemade trap and one of the best ways to kill flies or killing indoor fruit flies to be specific. Here is what you would need to make this trap.

  • One large jar
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (1/4 Cup)
  • A funnel
  • A drop of dish soap
  • An overripe fruit (optional)

Heat the apple cider vinegar and pour into the jar. Then put a drop of dish washing soap into the liquid. This will allow breaking down any additional surface tension that the flies can use to their advantage. Then for an extra treat if you wish to then you can drop the overripe fruit into the jar. Put the funnel at the top. If you don’t have a funnel, then you can simply make one out of paper. Make sure that the liquid in the jar is enough to drown the flies.  You can remake the liquid and replace when needed.

Use Fly Screen

Using the screen to seal any open windows would close the entry of the flies but will let the air pass in easily.

Fly screens are easy to make at home or simply buy some cheap ones from the market and easily fit them yourself on the windows using the right tools.

Using a Fly Swat

A fly swat is a tool that is just like a frying pan flat spoon. But it is light and flexible giving an easy swing to kill the flies quickly. If there are fewer flies that are easily countable, then a fly swatter is a formidable tool against the flies. Simply use it to kill the flies by hitting the fly with it when it is sitting on any surface within hands reach.

Using Cloves

Surprisingly flies hate the smell of cloves, and this can be an advantage for us since we find the smell of cloves rather aromatic in nature. Put some clove power near windows and doors to keep the flies away.

Pitcher Plants

Do you like gardening? Well, believe it or not, gardening is also a solution to flies. Don’t believe me? Pitcher plants are very useful when it comes to fly problems. These plants are like natural fly traps and a gift from God really. Just put some pitcher’s plants on areas where you think a lot of flies is present.

Using a Cold Drink Bottle

Any cold drink beverage bottle can be made into a fly trap easily. By some simple tips and tricks, you can convert a harmless plastic cold drink bottle into an anti-fly trap easily. To kill flies indoor this is a very neat and cheap trick. This is also a good indoor flycatcher that can be placed anywhere easily. Here is how it is made.

Step 1:

Cut the plastic bottle in half.

Enough to set the upper half inverted on the top of the other half and the small opening does not hit the bottom.

Step 2:

Before taping the two halves or setting the two halves in such a way that they can be removed easily. Put some overripe fruits or some sweet treat for the flies to be attracted within the lower half of the bottle.

Step 3:

Pour in some water so that the flies drown in the liquid.

Set in a proper location and attract the flies to kill them with ease. Once your trap is filled, then you can replace the contents.

Using a Bowl and Cling Wrap

Take a bowl and put in some fruits pieces in the bowl. Cover it with plastic or cling wrap and secure the wrap with tape or rubber band. Then poke a hole in the top of the plastic with a toothpick or pin that is small enough for the flies to enter. Once the flies enter, they will be exhausted enough to find an exit and eventually die inside the bowl.

Sanitize the surfaces

Use any good brand of soap or disinfectant to clean the surfaces that have food items used on it such as kitchen areas and dining tables, etc.

Keep drainage pipe opening closed

Make sure that are drainage areas in the kitchen sealed and closed at all times. Since the drainage areas can act as colonies for the flies. Flies like to take refuge in areas that are dirty and moist to breed and increase their number. Make sure to also keep the sink hole clean, and any leftover food particles removed and wash the sinkhole area. Spray some insect repellent if needed.