Home Remedies for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a problem for many people during the month of winter. The cold and dry air causes the moisture of the mouth to lose quickly. Aside from their reasons dry mouth can also occur from diseases or some other reasons that might complicate the condition of the person. People get irritated when they have dry mouth problems. Some of the proper remedies are as follows:

Consult a doctor

A proper consultation with a doctor must be sought if you are having dry mouth problems in everyday life. And if the problem is very frequent and is causing you many mouth sores as well as eating problems. The doctor would be able to prescribe the treatment for the problem that you are facing.


Many diseases have an effect to cause dry mouth, and this may cause sores and ulcers in the mouth. Aside from there the person might have a problem swallowing the food as the saliva is the responsibility to lubricate the food and help to engulf it with ease. In such a case, the identification and treatment are necessary for the disease.

Drug prescriptions

Many drugs that are given for stress, anxiety, pain, allergies, nausea, hypertension, etc. may cause the patient to feel dry mouth due to the high dose and side effects of the medicine. In such cases, if the patient is having a lot of problemata the discussing the problem with the doctor is a very good choice. Many people tend over to think the fact that “how do I get rid of dry mouth due to medicines”, but the best solution is expert advice in such cases.

Chewing gum

A very easy solution to keeping the mouth moist at times is chewing a gum. Gum activates the salivary glands to secrete saliva and keep the mouth moist for hours during seasons when the mouth can be dry.

Limit Caffeine

Caffeine can cause the mouth to become dry and cause problems for the person. Cutting off the food items that contain caffeine can make the situation better. Coffee, cold drinks, tea and other caffeine products must be limited to a minimum. Many people drink a lot of coffee during work, especially when working at night hours. This habit must be changed into much healthier habits to avoid the problems of dry mouth.

Quit smoking

Smoking is a habit that causes dry mouth problems among people. The smoke eradicates all the moisture in the throat and the breath. Then the person will complain throat problems and also itchy feeling in the throat. Smoking is both very dangerous for health, causing dry mouth, and also it can cause lung cancer. Quitting smoking can help you get rid of many problems at the same time.


Dehydration is a very serious problem is the person is not taking in sufficient amount of fluids to keep the kidneys healthy. Fluids are needed to keep the body free from toxins and impurities in the blood. Scarcity of water intake can cause dehydration that is a very painful medical problem. The kidneys would start to pain, weakness, less urination, and fevers would occur.

Increase Water Intake

Increasing the water intake can be a very useful technique to avoid dry mouth. Water intake keeps the skin hydrated and also keeps the pores active. The more water you take, the more your skin glows and looks healthy even if you age. Similarly, the problems of dry mouth can be avoided this way.

Using gels and lube

A good remedy to get rid of dry mouth fast is to use lube or gels that can be obtained from any good drug store. Apply the gel/lube on the dry area in the mouth can keep the mouth moist for very long periods. This will help to avoid any problems regarding rashes or sores in the mouth.

Use glycerin in water

Using glycerin agents in water can help to reduce the problems of dry mouth. When having problems of dry mouth, Glycerin is one of the best natural remedy for this problem. Adding glycerin agent to water before its intake can help increase the cure of this problem. One such product in the market is Plax by Pfizer.inc.

Sucking on hard candies

Buying candies that are hard and take time to dissolve can be an instant cure to dry mouth problems. The longer the candy takes to dissolve in the mouth the more saliva the mouth should collect and lubricate the inner walls of the mouth.

Breathing through nose

Just breathing from the mouth takes a very little stroke of air to travel through the air canal. Using the nose to take deep breaths can give the throat and the windpipe a very cold and soothing feeling. At the same time breathing like this can cause to take in the maximum amount of moisture. Dry mouth problems can be dealt with through this inexpensive natural technique.

Eat chewy food

Eating food that involves a lot of mastication can be helpful to keep the mouth hydrated. The more time you spend to chew the food the more saliva your mouth can produce. Saliva is the key item to keep the mouth moist and avoid dry mouth problems. Also, avoid dry foods that can cause the mouth to get dry very quickly such as cakes, biscuits, etc.

Avoid mint flavored food

Mint causes the throat and mouth to be cool and refreshed, but at the same time it causes the mouth to become dry. Due to the strong flavor and characteristics of mint there is less saliva produced. Avoid any chewing gums or candies that have mint added to them for a period till the dry mouth problem is cured. Mint, although is a very useful food item, but in such cases it can make things worse for the person.

Avoid acidic food/drinks

A good idea is to cut down the intake of acidic food and drinks in your everyday intake of diet. Acidic items can cause the saliva to be less in the mouth. Cold drinks, fizzy drinks, citrus fruits, etc. can cause your teeth enamel also to become weak.