Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is a prolonged condition which causes sugar level high in your blood. The ratio of diabetes is great in the world, few years back it was estimated to be over 382 million people across the world suffering from diabetes. Diabetes are classified as type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, in type 1 body doesn’t produce insulin and this is observed in very cases, whereas type 2 is highly common in people as in this body is unable to produce sufficient insulin that is required for body to function properly. Females suffer diabetes in pregnancy which is known as gestational diabetes.

Signs of Diabetes

Mentioned below are symptoms of diabetes if you experience any of these, then you are supposed to consult your physician or get a home test for diabetes.

  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive thirst and hunger
  • Putting on weight
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Bruises and cuts remain unhealed
  • Sexual malfunctioning in males
  • Feet and hands becoming numb unusually.

Pre Diabetes

It means that blood sugar level of your body is higher than the actual number but yet the person is not classified as diabetic, if not treated initially or not diagnosed then it is likely to turn as type 2 diabetes.

If you discover at the stage of pre diabetes, consider as a good news for yourself as here you have an opportunity to get back to normal but if not then it won’t take long to turn to type 2 diabetes. Adapting healthy lifestyle and eating habits by maintaining a balanced weight you are likely to get back your sugar level to normal.

Causes of Diabetes

Body breaks down all form of carbohydrates into glucose which is the simplest form of sugar. Body uses glucose for fuel but when exceeded it’s toxic to the body. When the glucose is left undigested and is floating in your blood then its toxic and for that body has a defense mechanism which quickly stores glucose as glycogen in your liver and muscles, but as a matter of fact your body possesses a limited number of glycogen receptors and when they get filled then the only option left is that the body stores all the leftover glucose as saturated fat inside the body. Thus it increases the insulin levels and if this happens repeatedly person eventually gains weight and becomes the cause for resistance of insulin.

Gestational diabetes

Females highly get affected by this type during pregnancy as some women are having high glucose level in their blood and so their body in unable to produce sufficient insulin to flow the glucose in their cells which results in increasing glucose levels. These kind of patients are likely to control their diabetes by maintaining diet and doing exercise. At times medications are also preferred to such patients and if it remains undiagnosed or untreated then it increases the chances of complication during birth.

Ways to determine diabetes

Conducting few tests and by getting known of symptoms, doctors can tell if a person is having a normal metabolism or he is pre diabetic or he is a diabetic patient. A couple of test are conducted in order to determine diabetes.

  • A1C test
  • FPG (Fasting Plasma Glucose)
  • OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)

The readings derived after these tests prove whether or not a person is normal, pre diabetic or diabetic.

15 Natural Home Remedies for Diabetes

There are ways which can help maintain diabetes and easy to induce in your diet.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon in powdered form possesses the ability to stimulate insulin which helps lower down the blood sugar level as it contains component of bioactive which repel and fight diabetes. The amount must be taken in a controlled portion as exceeding it, will raise in cause damage to the liver.

Ways that you can intake it is that you can either have it mixed with milk or water and any other way that suits you the best.

  1. Fenugreek

It is an herb which is effective in control of diabetes, it possesses hypoglycemic activity which helps to keep the blood sugar level low and also improves glucose tolerance as it is great in fiber, and it also helps in slowing down the accumulation of sugars and carbohydrates.

The way in which you can consume it is that soak two table spoon of fenugreek seeds overnight in water and in the morning drink water along with the seeds before you have breakfast, or you can have powdered fenugreek seeds with milk.

  1. Bitter Gourd

It is highly effective in lowering blood glucose and it influences the metabolism of glucose in the entire body instead of any particular organ or tissue. It functions in a way that it increases pancreatic insulin secretion and it also helps prevent resistance of insulin.

You can have it empty stomach every morning, all you have to do is remove seeds of bitter gourd and extract its juice and then add water to it and drink it on regular basis.

  1. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is also known as Amla which helps your pancreas to function properly as it has high content of Vitamin C.

This should be taken after making a fine paste of two to three Indian gooseberry and then remove the seeds and then extract the juice by squeezing it in a cloth and then mix it in a glass of water and drink it empty stomach.

  1. Aloe Vera

Researchers have suggested that when aloe vera juice is taken it helps improve blood glucose level and so it is effective for diabetic patients. It also helps heal swelling and wounds quicker which is a common problem for diabetic patients.

  1. Mango leaves

Intake of mango leaves helps to treat diabetes as it regulates insulin levels and improves lipid profiles of blood.

Soak mango leaves overnight and in the morning drink the extracted water on empty stomach. And also powdered mango leaves are effective.

  1. Okra

Okra helps in stabilizing blood glucose as it slows down the rate of sugar absorption from the intestinal tract and this is because it contains insoluble fiber.

Cut up okra pieces and let them soak overnight in water and drink the water in the morning.

  1. Black plum

It is also known as Indian black berry (jambul or jambun) is greatly effects in order to control blood sugar level as it contains highly effective components. Each part of Jambul plant including its leaves, berry and seeds are greatly effective for diabetic patients as it helps reduce sugar level of blood and urine.

  1. Ginger

Study has proved that ginger improves blood sugar of people suffering type 2 diabetes for a long period. Ginger can enhances the uptake of glucose in your muscle cells even without using insulin and this is how it also prevents high blood sugar levels.

  1. Physical Activity

Exercise and other physical activities possesses ability to control diabetes even without medication. It is also effective in reducing the severity of diabetes and also helps lower the risk of complications for long term. Regular exercise would help a person to reduce weight and stop from putting. Exercise also increases insulin sensitivity which helps best to tackle the main cause of diabetes type 2.

Diabetic people must get their selves engaged in moderate intensity aerobic activity for at least 150 minutes weekly, which will help them stay fit and healthy.

  1. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves can help reduce your blood sugar levels as it contains potent antioxidants which helps eliminating stress and stress is a major cause that causes problem for diabetics.

  1. Fig Leaves

They possess anti-diabetic property and so it helps reducing insulin when a diabetic is having fig leave extract. It should be taken on empty stomach in the morning.

  1. Vitamin C

Consuming 100 to 600mg of vitamin C regularly will eventually normalize blood sugar level within a month.

  1. Olive Oil

Researchers have found out that oil rich diet will help in preventing diabetes. The use of olive oil will help reduce blood sugar levels. A diabetic should intake proper diet and must know how to maintain their weight which will work out best for such patients. A person can drink ¼ cup of olive oil before sleeping but more than that can prove unhealthy as calorie intake cannot be neglected.

  1. Black Seed

They are also known as Nigella Sativa. Black seeds are considered as a prevention for many of the diseases and diabetes is one of them. This remedy has been used for past 2000 years and hence its greatly effective.

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