Home Remedies for Ants

Ants have been the largest army of insects that invades the kitchen same as the Romans, Greeks or Spartans would barge into an enemy city. Although small in number, their coordination and teamwork are worth something to reckon. The problems arise when they start to infest the eatable left in the kitchen. Ants would horde to anything that they find is usable for their colony. So how do we get rid of ants? Some remedial solutions and homemade remedies can work for sure.

Using Chalk

When blocking the path of the ants, a sidewalk chalk is an effective method. Draw lines where you suspect that the ants make trails towards the kitchen or any other part of the rooms of your home. The chalk helps to keep the ants from crossing the line and making it into the house. Also, draw lines near doors and windows or cracks in the floor.


Take some cotton balls and dip them in peppermint oil. Keep the balls near windows, door and ant hole to keep the ants controlled and away from home. The ants do not like the odor of peppermint. This is a good way to get rid of ants in the house.

Flower Pot Technique

If you find an ant hill in the garden or back yard, keep the location in mind. When you find an ant mound, then get a flower pot and turn it over. The lower drainage hole is facing upwards put it on the top of the ant hill. And then pour boiling water from the drain hole of the pot and kill all the ants in the process easily.

Citrus Fruit Spray

Take the peels of any citrus fruit and blend the peel with water in a blender. Pour the liquid into a bottle and strain it properly while pouring in the bottle. And, then spray the liquid in places you think the ants come from. And also in areas where you have seen many ants munching on food items.


Put some grits in the path of the ants. When the ants eat the grits, then they start to die. As ants have very small bodies and the grits starts to absorb the bodily fluids in the ants. They eventually die due to dehydration due to grit.

Vinegar Spray

Mix some vinegar in water enough that it gives a strong smell in the water. And fill it in a spray bottle. Then start to spray the vinegar on the entry points around the house and also at the places where the ants can frequently come. Usually, spray all around the kitchen and the main entrance, as well as a garden area, entrance are a good idea.

Limiting Entry Points

If you have large plants in the garden that have long branches, then cutting the branches that extend to windows and walls of the house is a good idea. Ants may use branches as a way to the house or to come through the windows. Cutting the branches would reduce the reach to these areas.

Cucumber Slice

How do I get rid of ants naturally? Apparently ants seem to hate cucumber. Putting a slice of cucumber near the mound of the ants keeps them from coming out and invading your home. This seems to work on most species of ants, but not sure on all kinds of ants.

Borax and Sugar Mix

Take 1 part of Borax and three parts of sugar and mix them properly. Then take small containers like bottle caps, plastic cups or candy wrappers, etc. And put the mix in them further placing the containers in places that are suspected of ant population.

Used Coffee Grounds

Having a sip of coffee and looking at an ant trail in your garden is pretty much an irritating sight for anyone. Well, you might not believe this, but the power to repel ants is simply in your hands that time. Coffee grounds are the best ant repellent due to the strong smell they give out. Spread some of the used coffee grounds in places where ants pass every day and see the difference. The ants stay away from those places and if spread carefully, you can make a nice boundary keep the ants away. Keep sprinkling water on the coffee every day to keep them fresh.


Spray lemon juice over places where ants are and this kind of messes with the senses of the ants. Lemon juice also gives a very strong smell and is acidic in property. It is an effective ant repellent that can be used.

Cinnamon and Cloves

Cinnamon and cloves give a strong aroma that ants hate. Sprinkle in some places where ants enter from and notice how ants avoid entering the same place again. This is a very cheap and effective technique to get rid of ants in the kitchen, especially since cinnamon powder and cloves have no issue being sprinkled in the kitchen. It’s easy to clean the kitchen as it is being used every day.

Baby Powder

Sprinkle baby powder on the trails where the ants make their way into your home. It this will surely be one of the best methods because it is cheap to get the baby powder. And other chemicals are expensive chemical products such as bug spray, etc.

Black Pepper

Black pepper gives a similar strong smell like cinnamon and cloves. Thus, sprinkling them in key areas and near ant mounds is a good choice as it will keep the ants away from the house.

Dish Soap

Put a very thin line on the doors, windows and other entrances to avoid any ants entering from there. The soap is a repellent used to fend off and get rid of ants. Do make sure that a thin line is made near the kitchen entrance to keep the ants away from the eatables in the kitchen. Also, make thin linings on the cabinet door and near the fridge.