Home Remedies for a Toothache

No matter how strong a person when it comes to withstanding pain, but toothaches bring tears to even the strongest of men. The problem with toothache is that you cannot control the pain, and you cannot apply anything on it. Because toothache is an internal form of pain and needs to be treated properly. Kids would burst into tears when it comes to having a bad toothache. And, the adults would complain of the pain due to dental problems. But what would you do if the pain becomes severe and unbearable at an hour, of the night when dentist is not available? Most people would turn to natural remedies and rely on homemade methods to cure it. Or at least the pain subsides in order to have a peaceful sleep. Some of the cures are as follows:

Using Painkillers

An immediate and fast acting solution to toothache problem is to take a pain killer. The most commonly used painkillers are known as NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) are used to reduce the pain at a very rapid rate. Only used, the dosage that is mentioned in the dosage section of the medicine or take the amount that is prescribed by the doctor.

Use an ice pack

When you have a very bad toothache, then a natural home remedy to get rid of toothache fast is to apply an ice pack to the area. Make sure that you do not apply the ice pack directly on the tooth. The tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold temperature due to inflammation or exposed nerves due to a bad cavity problem. Use an ice pack to reduce the pain by wrapping it in cloth and applying in the area of pain.

Salt and warm water

Take a teaspoon full of salt and dissolve it in a little hot water. The water should be hot enough that it is bearable by the person. Make a salt tonic by properly dissolving the salt in the water. Take a mouth full of the water in the mouth and swish it in the mouth for around 30 seconds. Make sure to thoroughly swish the mouth. This will remove any particles and reduce the swelling in the tooth.

Use toothpaste

Using the toothpaste that is meant for sensitive teeth is a wise decision. And make sure to use a toothbrush that is meant for sensitive teeth. You would not watch to use a brush with hard brushing characteristics as it would cause more pain in the swollen area. The right toothpaste can significantly reduce the pain and give relief.

Use gum as a filling

A temporary solution to the problem of a cracked tooth or lost filling can be a gum. You can make a temporary filling with a gum and put it on a cap on the cracked or exposed area. The gum will keep the tooth safe from hot or cold temperatures for a temporary time till the dentist treats it.


Cloves are a very effective remedy for toothache. How to get rid of the pain fast? Then cloves can do the trick in no time. Put a clove in your mouth and position it with your tongue on the spot right beside the swollen area. After some time, you will feel relief from the pain.

Lemon extract

Lemon is a very efficient antioxidant and also contains anti-bacterial qualities. Aside from this lemon cleans things pretty well that including teeth also. Ever wondered why there is lemon in dish washing soap? Use lemon extract as it can easily clean oil and other stains. Dip a cotton ball in the lemon extract and put it on top of the swollen area for some time. Using a cotton swab can also be helpful to do the job. Applying lemon to the area will act like a disinfectant and relief the pain quickly.


One more method to get rid of toothache fast at home is to use tea. Make a hot cup of tea using a tea bag. Then after the tea bag is used, just put the tea bag in your mouth in the painful area. Don’t tear the bag because the tannins that are present naturally in the tea can numb the area.

Hydrogen peroxide

Take some hydrogen peroxide in your mouth and swish around in your mouth. After some time spit it out, and the pain would have relieved by then. If you are sensitive to the strong taste of the hydrogen peroxide then trying to dilute it with water and then swish in the mouth.

Ginger root

Take fresh ginger root and cut it into a small chewable piece. Put the piece in the mouth and start chewing it gently mashing it in the mouth. The pain will start to reduce gradually.

Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice is a natural antibacterial solution that will help to reduce the rate of growth of decay, toothache and absorb the toxins from the gums that cause pain. Extract the juice from wheatgrass and then use it as a mouthwash. Gargle and move it around in the mouth, and then spit it. You will feel relief after the gargle and swishing in the mouth.

Chewing onion

Onions are very effective antiseptics that can kill bacteria and germs in the mouth. If you have a very bad toothache, then take a piece of onion in the mouth and try chewing it. If the pain is so great that chewing is not possible, then cut a piece of onion and let it rest on the painful area for some minutes.

Pepper and salt

Pepper and salt both have amazing properties that help to fight germs. Salt and pepper contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that help to reduce toothache greatly. Mix 1 tsp of salt with an equal part of pepper and mix a few drops of water to form a paste and then apply the paste to the affected area. Try doing this for several days to cure the pain.

Vicks vapor rub

If you have Vicks vapor rub available at your home, then rub some at the side of the face where you feel pain. Apply a towel on top of the area to contain the heat that is generated by the vapor rub. The Vicks will absorb into the skin and give relief while the towel will maintain the heat to speed up the relieving process.

Floss your teeth

Performing floss on your teeth will greatly help to reduce swelling and risk of bacteria on the teeth. The chunks of food that are stuck in teeth can speed up the rate of decay in teeth.